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Dr Packman is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art periodontal, laser, and implant services in a comfortable, caring and convenient way. Our dedicated professionally trained staff are available to answer any of your concerns related to peri treatment, lasers, cosmetic perio, long-term maintenance, or costs involved.

Thank you to all my colleagues for voting me one of the top 60 dentists in Maryland,(Baltimore Magazine )

Our Philosophy of Treatment

We always emphasize conservative treatment and your desires play a major role in any treatment decision. Treatments are always performed in the shortest amount of time possible with the greatest comfort in an atmosphere of warmth, among caring staff.

We work with the most sophisticated equipment available in our profession, including the Dental Laser. It allows us to diagnose and treat you in the most sophisticated way possible

Great care is taken to ensure that our environment is safe and free from any cross-contamination or infection.

The Benefits of a Specialist

Early intervention is the key to preventing advanced periodontal disease and tooth loss. In our office you get the benefit of a highly trained specialist and office staff in the field of periodontology. Some other advantages we offer include:

Focused Care

Our office only treats periodontal disease and related disorders which has allowed us to develop enormous experience and knowledge to help your specific problem. Since we routinely treat these conditions, we deliver optimal results with the greatest comfort. We also provide exceptional preventive services to help avoid future need for treatment.

Educational Services

Dr. Packman  helps you understand the nature of periodontal disease. We want you to be aware of the medical conditions that can make you more susceptible such as diabetes, stress, smoking, medications or pregnancy. We take time to answer any questions you may have.

Skill and Expertise

Dr. Packman  received advanced knowledge in dentistry, medicine, surgery, microbiology, and soft and hard tissue (gums, teeth, and jawbone) physiology during his specialty training. In addition, we continually update our knowledge and techniques through a commitment to continuing education. By seeking your care in our office, you are insuring that you receive the highest standards of treatment in our field of dentistry.

Dr. Harold Packman
Periodontics & Dental Implants
14999 Health Center Drive Suite 110
Bowie, MD 20716
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